This is item # FP-1818-G. This is our newest design Jacobs Ladder prop. This table top
Frankenstein Lab style prop is 22 wide by about 48 high. The output is about 12,000 volts. Very
nice mad scientist look and sound. The 3/16 solid brass rods are completely enclosed and
insulated on the top and bottom by insulators, plexi and HDPE. The bottom tube base and top are
custom turned on the lathe. This amazing piece is full of vintage parts including 8 rare EF
Johnson insulators, a Weston voltage meter and numerous other gadgets, parts and lights. There
are numerous lights on the panel, see the picture below. This unit runs on standard 110v. All of
our pieces are custom designed and built to order. The pricing for the Jacob’s Ladders start at $2500 and go up, these are investment works of art and the price reflects the amount of time put into each.

The picture above shows the Jacob’s Ladder in action. The arc slowly but steadily climbs to the top until it breaks and then the process begins again, the only thing more impressive is the Tesla coil. The panel has 2 green indicator lights, 5 red power level indicators and a glowing voltage meter. All in all a very nice mad lab Frankenstein piece with a lot of character.

The finish is a mixture of dirt, dust and drippings from years
of medical and chemical research. Dr. Frankenstein was
probably not too concerned with cleanliness…

The custom turned lid has a true mad scientist look with a hint of
60’s sci-fi. The art direction and design from the movie Van
Helsing has also provided some inspiration for my designs.
This is item # FP-1818-A. This is our original design Jacobs Ladder prop. This table top Frankenstein Lab
prop is 24 wide by about 4.5′ high. The output is about 12,000 volts, the warning sign does not exagerate!
Very nice mad scientist look and sound. This amazing piece is full of vintage parts including 8 rare EF
Johnson insulators, 2 Weston gauges, 2 GE electron tubes and numerous other gadgets, parts and lights.
The main case is constructed from 3/4 solid red oak and 16ga. mild steel, all built and assembled with care
and attention to detail. This unit also runs on standard 110v.

This photo shows the prop in use in low light conditions, there are 6
red indicator lights, a brilliant green dome power light, the 2 electron
tubes are bottom lit and the large main volt gauge lights up. Of
course the most staggering light is the arc of the ladder! The main
toggle powers up everything.

This is our double plasma chamber prop. It is one of my favorites. All custom built, two amazing tubes pulsating with blue electricity, great weston gauges with UV LEDs. The toppers have a great retro look and feel, the four insulators are one of a kind originals tooled just for this piece, just a beautiful design.

Custom insulators and brass spheres on top of a custom black topper, what more could you ask for!
My favorite part…our custom crafted high voltage warning sign, it doesn’t get any
cooler than this! Of course this is on for a reason, death could occur if this piece is
not handled using the highest level of respect and intelligence.
This is item # FP-1818-B. This modular wall panel is 2′ by 3′ by 4 deep. It
houses an internal outlet srtip that all other Frankenstein props and wall units can
be plugged into. The main switch will then turn everything on with one throw! This
panel is crafted from a hardwood frame with an 18ga. mild steel skin. This panel
is meant to be used with other Frankenstein props but can be used as a stand
alone wall decoration as well. These modular panels can be made with a variety
of gauges and switches and then attached together to create an unbelievable
mad scientist look and feel. We will be posting more panel designs soon. Panel pricing starts at $950.
Hand crafted signs and
labels finish off these pieces.
This is item # FP-1818-C. This is a mad lab glass tube prop
that bubbles and glows an eerie green color when switched on.
The vintage top water gauge is attached by a corroded copper
coil. The tube has a nice mad scientist high voltage look
created by the staggered black base. The base of the unit has
multiple switches and gauges. The front gauge lights as well as
a red indicator light. Very nice decaying finish!
This is our Frankenstein Monster Hand bubble tube prop. All custom built including the sculpted hand which has real stitching. The thermometer at the top is vintage with a beautiful patina.
This is item # FP-1818-E. This is another modular wall panel that is
2′ by 3′ by 4 deep. This panel has a bank of vintage panel lights as
well as a vintage Weston voltmeter. The main feed wheel turns. This
piece is one the best of our Frankenstein prop line when it comes to
realism and industrial mad lab theming.
Transformer grid all lit up!
A line of transformer panel lights, broken and
missing tags… all that missing is some eerie
music and Inga!
This is item # FP-1818-F. This is the deluxe version of the before shown bubbling glass tube
prop. This piece also has the eerie glowing green tubes and bubble effect. The base of the unit
has multiple switches and gauges. The front gauge lights as well as 2 green indicator lights. Very
nice decaying finish! The top features a hand crafted copper pipe vent system and gas collector
pot with deadly gases brewing inside. Pricing for the bubble tubes like the ladders star at $2500 and go up.
The tubes are lit with green colored lights which adds to
the richness of the already tinted liquid. Each tube has
it’s own pump so the flow is even on all tubes.
The gas collecting pot up close…don’t
release that valve or you may be exposed
to some transformation potion!
This photo shows a few of our Frankenstein creations on display at Chicago Comic Con, it’s a joy to see fans overwhelmed when they see them in person and functioning.
This picture shows a combination of elements creating a nice
mad scientist lab or Frankenstein’s lab prop set. This is the
perfect set up for Halloween or your next costume party.
Notice the storage of unused parts and potions, nice touch. This full set is sold.