These costumes are no longer for sale, after years of supplying fans we are no longer creating them, thanks for all of the support and kind words. The Witchking is the leader of the Nazgul or Ringwraiths as they are sometimes called…he is also called the Morgol Lord. This is the ultimate Witchking costume to display in a movie room or attend an upcoming masquerede ball ! The basic costume consists of a 3 layer hand stitched unique fabric blend robe or cloak, a hand forged mild steel helm or helmet and a pair of hand forged mild steel gauntlets. The complete costume features additional armor components including the shoulder assembly, upper arm (vambrace, couter, rerebrace) and complete leg and foot or sabatons. Keep checking back for more updates and progress on this ever changing project.
This costume is a tribute to the wonderous works of J.R.R Tolkien, Peter Jackson and the creative minds at WETA Workshop.
Thank You for opening up this world to us all !
The Witchking’s helmet is made from 16ga. mild steel formed, shaped and
distressed by hand. The texture and finish on this replica helmet is truly
spectacular. The spikes on the crown measure 1/2 at the mid point, are thicker at
the base and taper to a fine point. The decayed edges and corroded holes are
screen accurate as well as the riveted split forehead and nasal area. You will not
find a more accurate and realistic replica anywhere.
The Witchking’s helmet features an acid etched black patina finish with pitted
fatigued metal showing through, it truly looks like it has been through many dark
ages of war.
This helmet is formed as a complete wrap around crown,
the inner support is rivetted to the helmet in the front and
rear making it very secure on the wearer.
The cloak is made up of 3 layers of draping fabric which is frayed
and distressed with dirt and dust highlights. The head shroud has
a removable face shield which cannot be see into, it velcros into
place, the wearer has ample vision outwards.
The Gothic styled beauty of Witchking’s gauntlets starts at the fingers, each lame is hand cut
and rolled for strength, then riveted to heavy leather strapping. The leather strap ends are hand
stitched to the 100% leather glove underneath. The intimidating spiked knuckle plate is attached to
four articulated metacarpal plates on the back of the hand, followed by the spiked wrist plate. The
vambrace or forearm plates feature a beautiful gothic design. All of the riveting is done by hand
using steel roundhead rivets.

Take notice to the multiple layers of blackening, this is a process developed through hours of testing, the
result is a spectacular finish that must be seen to be appreciated.

The following picture show the gauntlets finish close up…

The thumb hinge is hand
made using a fold over
method making it very






The Witch king gauntlets are hand stiched to an inner leather glove at the finger tips, the palm strap keeps the
gauntlet in place, the finger tip lames extend well past the glove, very dangerous if you have an itch!
This is the Witchking’s shoulder and upper arm assembly consisting of the main pauldron and 3 additional
plates or lames. The assembly is articulated by underlying leather straps.
This is an example of the latest Nazgul upper leg cuisse and poleyn
we have been working on, some extreme detailing went into this piece
The Witchking sabatons, intimidating
armored footwear to say the least!
The Witchking’s mace or flail pictured above is constructed of a
foam filled resin shell which is textured heavily for that pitted,
fatiqued metal look. The chain is steel with welded spikes. The
handle is cast resin. The head of the mace is over 22 in height
and the overall length of the mace is over 5 feet!
The rusted pitted texture is evident in this close up.
The Witchking mace or flail handle up close.



The display wall bracket pictured above is made from a severly wire brushed wood backer
board and two hand forged iron support arms, this display allows the two pieces to hang freely,
truly the proper way to display such a massive weapon.