This is a dense urethane foam sculpture. This type of foam enables small details to be sculpted due to the fine texture of the foam.

The foam sculpting process from start to finish.

This is our favorite puppy called Spot Me. This piece was sculpted from dense urethane foam, molded in silicone and cast in solid 12lb.urethane expanding foam. The final sculpture was painted with automotive paints and clears.

Spot Me prior to hardcoat

This is a pirate parrot sculpt for the Rum Barrel restaurant signage.
The urethene sculpt above will be hardcoated and molded. From the
mold we will create multiple casts which will be finished with
airbrushing like the one pictured to the right.

Crumbling stone piles sculpted from EPS foam with a wood sub-structure.

This is a sculpture of the cobra from the main signage at Disney’s Indiana Jones attraction in California.

In addition to sculpting foam we can cast foam. We can cast in
either a rigid or soft urethene foam. These items can be used
as props or stunt weapons. The pirate style mallet pictured
above is used as a stunt weapon and is cast in a 10lb. soft
flexible foam.

Our foam creations can be coated in a durable 2 part urethene hardcoat, once
cured it is virtually indestructable. Many choices of coatings, texture and finishes are